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Your rights about abortion.

Access to countryside

Your rights to roam.

Access to information

Your rights about freedom of information and access to personal information.

Access to justice

How you can take legal action, and what help you can get, for example with the cost.


Your rights if you have been in an accident. Does not include health and safety at work.


Information about private, shared, local authority, housing association, and sheltered housing. Also covers hostels and accommodation agencies.

Accommodation agencies

Information on agencies, public and private, which can help you find accommodation.


Your rights on issues around adoption. Includes the rights of birth parents and adoptive parents, and the child's rights to information about their birth parents.

Adult education

Continuing education and training for adult learners. Does not include further or higher education.


Your rights if an advert is misleading, including how to complain about dishonest or offensive advertising.

Age discrimination

Includes information about age discrimination and how and where it may affect you.

Age discrimination at work

Includes information on your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your age - whether you are younger or older.

Agricultural tenancies

What to do if you have an agricultural holding. Your rights if your landlord is a farmer whether you are an agricultural worker or not.


The rules about farming, livestock and the agricultural industry.

Air travel

The rules about air travel, including international and domestic flights.

Animal health

Information about animal diseases and their treatment, including BSE and foot and mouth.

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