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Capital gains tax

The rules about paying tax when you sell something like shares, antiques, land and buildings.

Care at home

Information about care services to help you live independently at home. Includes assessment for services; adaptations and equipment; and charges for services. For care of children see Local Authority Care.

Carers benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you are caring for a disabled person.

Catering services

Your rights when dealing with catering services.


Legal requirements for setting up and registering a charity. How charities are required to operate, including rules on fund-raising activities.

Child abuse

Your rights to protection against assault, sexual abuse and neglect, if you are under 16.


Rules about registered childminders, nannies and au pairs.

Children and young people

Your rights if your child goes into care. Children's and young people's rights, for example when their parents divorce.

Childrens benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you have children aged under 18. Includes child benefit and benefits with extra payments for children.

Childrens welfare

Children's rights when their parents' relationship breaks down.

Child residence

Includes information about the rules relating to whom a child will live with.

Child support

Child support payments paid by the absent parent to the parent who primarily cares for the children. The role of the Child Support Agency and what happens when they get involved.

Citizenship and nationality

What it means to be a British citizen, including the right to live here (right of abode); and citizenship by birth, by descent and by registration - for example, being born here, having a parent or grandparent who was born here, or registering after coming to live here.

Civil partnership

Your rights when you form a civil partnership. Includes information about registering your partnership and where you can hold the ceremony.

Clinical negligence

How you can take action about poor or negligent treatment by doctors and health care workers. Previously called medical negligence.


Your rights when buying clothes, including your rights when returning clothes.

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