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21 steps to better information

Welcome to our quick guide to producing better information. These 21 ideas will help you to ensure that your information is engaging, easy to use, empowering, as helpful as it can be, and efficiently produced.

Basic principles

1. Know your audience

People Vary Greatly In Terms Of Needs And CapabilitiesFor information to be effective, you need to have a good understanding of the needs and capabilities of your audience.

2. Be clear what you are trying to achieve

It is rarely enough to just tell people about a law. For information to be effective, you need to be clear how you expect the information to be used and what you want it to achieve.

3. Use appropriate content, presentation techniques, format and means of delivery

Everything from the level of detail, what is included, how it is presented, the format used, and the way you will get the finished to your audience should be based upon the needs of your audience.

4. Test and evaluate

Ask your audience if it is any good, both before and after publication.

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