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Your rights on issues around adoption. Includes the rights of birth parents and adoptive parents, and the child's rights to information about their birth parents.

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Working parents

A picture of a family with two children Being a working parent is difficult. But there are laws to try and make it easier be a top-quality parent and a treasured employee at the same time. This guide explains what they are, and legal agony aunt, Beverly Reid, advises readers' how to use your rights in the real world. Parental rights, parents rights, parent working, time off

Expecting your rights

A picture of a young couple at a party If you are about to become a parent you are probably excited. But when you are not hopping from foot to foot with pure joy, you might also be a little bit worried about how it will go down at work, how you'll survive financially, and how you can juggle being a top-quality parent and a treasured employee at the same time. We explain your rights at work if you are pregnant, if your partner is, or if you are adopting.

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