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Hairdressing and beauty services

Your rights when dealing with hairdressers, beauty or aromatherapy treatments, manicurists, and other beauty services.


Your rights if your landlord is intimidating you, or interfering with services, in order to get you to move out.

Hate crimes

Information about crimes that are motivated by prejudice against another person, for example, because of their faith or ethnicity or because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Health and safety at work

Your employer's duties to ensure your workplace is safe. Also includes employee's responsibilities.

Health and social care

Information on your rights to get and use health and social care services.

Health care

Information about your rights when getting medical treatment for health problems, including the right to refuse treatment.

Higher and further education

How you can access further and higher education. Also covers other types of courses that you can do after you have left secondary school, and the qualifications you can get.


Your rights when hiring or leasing goods.

Holiday accommodation

The regulation of different types of holiday accommodation and your rights if it is dangerous or substandard.


Your rights about holidays.

Home improvements

Your rights when dealing with builders, or any other kind of home improvement or repair service.


Accommodation or advice you can get if you have nowhere to live. Your rights to stay where you are living, and when you may have to move because your home is unsuitable for you.

Home ownership

Buying or selling a home. Covers the different types of home ownership.

Horse racing and dog racing

The regulation of horse and dog racing, and gambling on them.


Information about basic accommodation offered by hostels, particularly if you are young or homeless.

House buying and selling

Buying or selling a home. Including information on costs, working out what you can afford, and conveyancing.

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