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Package holidays

Your rights about package holidays.

Packaging and labelling

Rules on the labelling of foods, medicines and other products.

Parental responsibility

Your right to have a say in the way your child is brought up. Includes decisions about where they live, choosing schools, medical treatment, and their religion. Parental responsibility can be held by a person other than a parent of the child and is not automatically granted to unmarried fathers.

Parental rights

Includes information about the rights of working parents to time off, pay and to work flexibly.


Includes information on all aspects of caring for and bringing up children, inlcuding legal rights and responsibilities of the child's parents and legal guardians.


Information about the conditional release of prisoners who have served a certain amount of their prison sentence.

Patients rights

Your rights to correct treatment and care.


Your right to pay under your employment contract; the national minimum wage; wages for agricultural workers; what can be deducted from your pay; and your right to equal pay.


Occupational pensions from your employer, your personal pension and the stakeholder pension scheme. For state retirement pensions see 'retirement pensions'.

Personal injuries litigation

Your rights to compensation if someone has caused you a physical or mental injury.


Information about pet welfare. Includes the law about dog fouling and dangerous dogs. Includes the rules about quarantine and pet passports when you bring pets into the UK.


Your rights about being photographed by paparazzi and the use of photographs that you have taken.

Planning and building

The rules relating to buildings and other monuments. Includes your rights about planning applications and change-of-use procedures.

Plumbing and heating services

Your rights when dealing with plumbers, heating engineers, and other gas or electrical services in your home.

Police and crime

Your rights with regard to police investigations, arrest and detention at the police station, prosecution, sentencing, and imprisonment.

Police complaints

How you can make complaints against the police. It explains the complaints procedure.

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