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Police powers

Your rights about the police. Includes police powers to stop and search you, or to enter your property.

Police service

Information about all aspects of the police service.

Political parties

Information about the major political parties, their policies and organisation.


The laws regulating levels of pollution. Information about the amount of pollution in your area, and its impact. Includes air and water pollution, and contaminated land.

Postal services

Your rights about using postal services, and information about Royal Mail.

Powers of attorney

Information about authorising someone else to make decisions about your property and financial affairs or your health and personal welfare on your behalf. Includes lasting and enduring powers of attorney.

Pre school education

Education for children under school age, including nursery education.


Regulations on the pricing of goods. What to do if the price is different from advertised. Rules regarding sales.

Priority need

If you need to be housed urgently because you are vulnerable.

Prisons and prisoners

Information about prisons and prisoners rights. Also covers prison conditions and visits.


Your right not to have details of your private life made public.

Private health care

Your rights when receiving health care privately - when you pay for health care yourself or through medical insurance schemes, instead of getting it under the NHS.

Private rented accommodation

Your rights if you are currently living in private rented accommodation, or want to rent from a private landlord.

Private sector tenancies

The types of tenancy you have if you rent from a private landlord, including assured shorthold tenancies, holiday lets and service tenancies.


Information about community sentences and probation orders.

Public health

Information on rules aimed at promoting and protecting the health of the public.

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