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Sexual orientation discrimination at work

Includes information about your rights not to be treated unfairly because of your sexual orientation.


Includes how to buy and sell shares and what you should think about before you invest.

Sheltered housing

Housing, usually for older people, with on-site wardens and other facilities.

Sickness and disability benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you have a disability or if you are not able to work because you are sick. Also covers benefits for accidents at work and industrial diseases.

Small claims

How the small claim procedure works and how you can take court action for money that you are owed or compensation.

Smoking in public places

Information about the law on smoking tobacco in public places.

Social care

Your rights to all types of care services.

Social fund payments

Payments available from the social fund, including grants and loans for specific life incidents.

Special educational needs

Information about the provision of educational facilities for children with specific needs. Includes children with physical or sensory impairments, learning disabilities, emotional or behavioural difficulties, or issues with speech or language. Includes details of assessments, statements and your right of appeal.

Sports and recreation

The rules about sports and recreational activities.


Information about stalking and persistent threatening behaviour.

Stamp duty

The rules about when you have to pay tax on documents to do with a sale of property or shares.

Street homelessness

If you are living on the streets.

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