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"Advicenow is the liveliest, least stuffy, most accessible and understandable website on legal matters that I’ve ever come across."
Marcel Berlins, Guardian

Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website, run by the charity Law for Life: the Foundation for Public Legal Education.

It provides accurate information on rights and the law.

We believe that everybody should have access to clear and effective guidance to help them deal with law-related issues.

About Advicenow

Disabled woman You can read more about the Advicenow website and how it works, our information campaigns, and how we are funded here. You can also find details of how to contact us, and how to send us your feedback.

What Advicenow can do for your organisation

Advicenow1 Advicenow are specialists in information provision and we have a wealth of experience working with government departments, voluntary organisations and frontline agencies. We have developed and tested strategies and procedures for...

Volunteering for Advicenow

Young Woman With Pigtails Advicenow needs the help of volunteers in order to keep running our high quality service. We use volunteers to select the best information on the web, to comment on and test our guides, to fundraise, and even to help us with photos...

Evaluation and research

Older man in field In this section you can read evaluations of our guides, the better information project, and research we have done about information available from other resources.

Better Information

Couple 5 with form new Creating effective information about law-related issues is not as easy as it looks, and there has been very little resources available to help. In our Better Information project, we have drawn together the best practise guidance...

Have we been helpful? Could you help us in return?

Young couple smiling If you found this information helpful could you make a small donation to help us keep this website up and running. Just text the code ADVN00 £2 (or any amount between £1-10) to 70070 to donate to us.

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