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Consumer and money problems

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Most of us have had problems with faulty goods, dodgy tradesmen, or difficulties with debt - but we don't always deal with them very well. We might be conned into thinking we don't have rights when we do, or we're easily put off when we should stand firm. Sadly, thanks to rip off merchants, we sometimes even make things worse when we're trying to make things better.

Here we show you how to deal with some of the trickier areas - how you know if you even had a contract and what you can do to enforce it and what to do if you are struggling to deal with debts or have bailiffs at the door.

Dealing with bailiffs

Purse1 new If you have a bailiff coming, despite what they might tell you, you do have rights. We show you what they are, what you should do at each stage (from the first letter to the last visit), and how to ensure you don't get ripped off...

What’s a contract?

Leisure centre counter new ...We all make agreements with other people every day. But not all of those agreements are legally binding contracts. This guide looks at what a contract is, what your rights are, how to end a contract and what to do if something...

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