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Moving schools outside the normal time

Children without a statement

You must be given an application form at the first point of contact – whether this is with the school or local authority. Your application must be considered without delay and a formal decision either to offer or to refuse your child a place should be made within 15 school days or 28 calendar days – whichever is the sooner.

Local authorities in Wales should have a procedure to ensure that children who are hard to place, including those with SEN in some cases, are given a school place as quickly as possible. This includes admitting children to schools that are already full.

Children with a statement

Brother and sister eating lolliesIf your child has a statement and you want to move schools outside the normal time, do get advice as this can be a very complicated area (see Where to get help and more information). Your rights vary depending on the circumstances, although if you are applying for a maintained school of the same type as the school your child already attends, a move should be relatively straight forward.

If you move to a different area, the new local authority must carry on the statement although it may decide to reassess your child.

September 2010

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