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We spend an ever-increasing proportion of our lives at work, so it is important that you are treated properly while you are there and that you get everything your hard work entitles you to.

In this section, we explain what your rights are in different situations, how to deal with problems, and how to stand up for yourself if you're being discriminated against or treated unfairly.

Dealing with discrimination at work – how to use the grievance procedure

Isabelle with makeup new We show you how to use your work's grievance procedures to deal with problems at work because you are being discriminated against. It can also be used to help you to deal with other sorts of complaints.

Expecting your rights

Couple 4 new If you are about to become a parent you are probably excited. But when you are not hopping from foot to foot with pure joy, you might also be a little bit worried about how it will go down at work, how you'll survive financially...

Working parents

Children new Being a working parent is difficult. But there are laws to try and make it easier be a top-quality parent and a treasured employee at the same time. This guide explains what they are, and legal agony aunt, Beverly Reid, advises...

Young workers

Young worker cafe new ...Are you young and working? Or, thinking about starting work for the first time? Don't let your job become a bad experience you'd rather forget - Have a read of our guide for Young Workers. It explains what rights you have at...

Swine flu is back!

Flu kit Swine flu seems to be back now it is winter and it is still looking like a particularly nasty bug. If you're worried about catching swine flu at work, taking time off sick, or your boss's giving you a hard time because you've had...

Think you may have you been discriminated against?

Unfair dismissal New

Have you been treated unfairly? Do other people seem to get a better deal than you?
See our Is that discrimination? section

Get advice

Need help with a problem? Find advice services and solicitors near you who can help you solve your problem. Many people are able to get free help and advice.