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Better Information

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Providing information about law-related issues is an important part of the work of government and the third sector. There is increasing recognition of the need to do it well, but there has been very little guidance or resources available to help. The resources on this website aim to fill this gap, and to stimulate debate on the best ways to produce this type of information so that we can all learn from each other.

MoJ logo EF logo Thanks to Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Ministry of Justice for funding this work.

What is better information?

Young couple with form new We all agree that information for the public on law-related issues must be accurate, up-to-date, and in plain English. But it has to be more than that. This page explains what we mean by 'better information'.

Why produce better information?

Dad And Kids new This section looks at why better information about law-related issues is needed, what makes for truly effective information, and what is needed to produce it.

How to produce better information

Couple 2 And Child 1 new This section of the site is intended to help with the practicalities of creating and updating information about law-related issues. It is concerned with the techniques involved in designing and delivering individual information...


Older Lady New Our brain-friendly training course is designed to enable you to produce effective information for the public on rights and legal issues. This is an essential course for anyone who commisions, writes or edits information for the...


Couple 1 V2 new Advicenow offers a flexible information consultancy service to provide as much or little help and support as you need. We have a wealth of experience working with different organisations. How can we help you?

Classifying information

Filing system The CCS is a 'content classification scheme' designed to help you store or display information for the public on rights and legal issues. Here we explain how it works and how it can benefit your organisation and your users.

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