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Going to court

A picture of a young couple looking at a form Got a legal problem? Thinking of going to court? This series of leaflets help you to understand what is involved, the steps you have to take and whether you can solve your problem another way without having to go to court.

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Your rights if arrested and your right to free legal representation at the police station.


Information about various types of crime.

Detention centres

Information about detention centres for young offenders.

Drug offences

Information about drug-related offences, including supplying, trafficking, and possession.


Information about fraud generally. Doesn't include benefit fraud.

Hate crimes

Information about crimes that are motivated by prejudice against another person, for example, because of their faith or ethnicity or because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.


Information about all aspects of imprisonment.

Juvenile crime

Information about crimes committed by young offenders, and the rights of the suspect.

Motoring offences

Information about all types of road-traffic offences.


Information about the conditional release of prisoners who have served a certain amount of their prison sentence.

Police complaints

How you can make complaints against the police. It explains the complaints procedure.

Police powers

Your rights about the police. Includes police powers to stop and search you, or to enter your property.

Police service

Information about all aspects of the police service.

Prisons and prisoners

Information about prisons and prisoners rights. Also covers prison conditions and visits.


Information about community sentences and probation orders.


Information about all aspects of sentencing after you have been found guilty of a criminal offence.

Sex crimes

Information about various sexual offences.


Information about stalking and persistent threatening behaviour.


Information about all types of theft, handling stolen goods, and other crimes against property.


Information about the rights of victims.

Violent crimes

Information about violent crimes including murder and manslaughter.

Weapons and explosives

The laws regarding weapons and ammunition. What counts as a weapon and what are the penalties for carrying or using one?

Get advice

Need help with a problem? Find advice services and solicitors near you who can help you solve your problem. Many people are able to get free help and advice.