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What to do if your creditor takes action against you. Includes debt collection agencies, court action and bailiffs.

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Dealing with bailiffs

A picture of someone holding an open purse and some coins If you have a bailiff coming, despite what they might tell you, you do have rights. We show you what they are, what you should do at each stage (from the first letter to the last visit), and how to ensure you don't get ripped off.

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What happens if you are taken to court for money you owe (PDF)

How to sort out your debts

Frequently asked questions about debt

Debt management plan

County court judgments for debt

Bailiff powers when they visit your home


Bailiffs and council tax

About Bailiffs and Enforcement Officers (PDF)

Complaint against certificated bailiffs form

Full and final settlement offers

Hire Purchase debt

What if a creditor refuses my offer of payment?

Administration orders

Harassment by creditors and debt collectors

How to deal with business debts

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