Help to deal with benefit problems

Sorting out problems with your benefits is wildly stressful, particularly as many people can't access an adviser. We feel passionately about helping you have the knowledge, confidence, and skills to get the benefits that the law says you are entitled to. Here we show you what to do if you've been given the wrong decision about PIP, DLA, or a work capability assessment.

We show you how you can avoid a benefits sanction, with all the additional horror that brings, and what you can do if you have recieved one. We also explain what you should do if you've discovered you have a dreaded tax credit overpayment. We explain what counts as living with a partner for benefit purposes, and what to do if the DWP believe you are living with a partner when you aren't. We hope to secure funding to create more guides and interactive tools to give you more help. 

If you would like to tell us about your experience of  a remote hearing or being given a preliminary view by a judge, please contact us.