Help with employment rights

We want to help you understand your rights at work and what you can do if you are being treated unfairly at work. Below we explain your rights around pay, rest breaks, annual leave, sick leave, and when and why your employer can end your employment (what the law calls dismissal), and how much warning they must give you or you must give them before you leave (the law calls this your 'notice period').

We explain how to work out whether you are an employee or worker or self-employed, as that affects what rights you have at work. You might be an employee even if your employer says that you're not. Includes help to understand zero hours contracts rights and agency workers rights

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Next we look at how to negotiate with your work (for example, if you want to change your hours). And how to try to sort out a problem informally if one does arise. And if that doesn't work we show you how to use your work's grievance procedure to deal with the problem.

Thanks to the Bar Standards Board for funding this help.