Going to court or tribunal without a lawyer

Have you seen our section for people who are having to go to court or go to a tribunal without the help of a lawyer? It has lots of really helpful information about how you get help with your case, and step-by-step guides to taking different issues to court.

If you are going to court or tribunal without a lawyer, or thinking about it, then you'll need to see our special section for people representing themselves (litigants in person).

Highlights include:

  • Detailed guides to help you on your journey through the court system.
  • A short film looking at how to represent yourself in family court - although it will be helpful for people representing themselves in other courts or tribunals too. 
  • Signposting to practical help, emotional support, advice and representation.

Visit our Going to court or tribunal section.

This section of the website is part of the Litigants in Person Support Strategy funded by the Ministry of Justice. To learn more about the strategy go to their website.
May 2017

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