How to find out about the law - e-learning course

This fun interactive course helps you improve your skills for finding reliable online information that you can use in many everyday situations. It also helps you to recognise common situations where it is useful to have a little bit of knowledge about the law.
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The law affects us all on a daily basis – often without us knowing. Sometimes it helps to know what the law says about an everyday situation; it can offer solutions. But where is best to look and what sources of information are reliable? 

This fun and interesting course helps improve your skills for finding out what the law says and shows you how to decide whether legal information is likely to be reliable, up-to-date, and whether it applies where you live. 

It's quick too. The course takes most people about between 15 and 25 minutes, depending how familiar you are with the ideas and how quickly you like to work. 

We have designed this course for

  • community workers and others to use with groups to help build their knowledge, confidence, and skills to deal with a law-related issue.
  • people to use by themselves to improve their ability to deal effectively with law-related issues.

Before you can start the course you will need to register as a learner (don't worry, you don't need to give any identifying details about yourself), login, and switch off your pop-up blocker. Please read the instructions on how to do this below.

The course is here: How to find out about the law - e-learning course  This opens the learning system in a new tab so you can still access the instructions on this page.

Step 1: Register

If you have not done one of our e-learning courses before, then you need to register. You cannot login until you have registered. To do this, click on Register below the Login box. This takes you to a different page where you need to create your user ID and password and answer 2 security questions.

Both your user ID and password must be at least 6 characters long.

You can use any word as your user ID (as long as it is long enough). It does not have to be your email address.

When you have completed this, click on the button marked ‘Register’ at the bottom.
If you have registered successfully, you will now see the message ‘Thank you for registering!’

Step 2: Login

When you have finished the course, we would be very grateful if you would let us know what you think of it by completing the questionnaire at the end. We will use this feedback to assess the impact of this course and inform our future work.

Now you need to login using your new user ID and password to get to the course itself. Just below the box showing the message ‘Thank you for registering!’ you will see the words: 'Already have an account? Login'. Click on 'Login'. This will take you to the Login page. 

Please enter your user ID and password. When you have done this, click on the 'Sign in' button.

You then get to a page that says ‘My courses’ on the left hand side.

Step 3: Starting the course

If you are ready to begin the course, plug in and put on your earphones or make sure your speaker is turned up. This way you will be able to hear the audio as well as see the text.

The course uses pop-up windows so please make sure your browser allows pop-ups. It is easiest to switch off (or disable) the pop-up blocker altogether whilst you do the course, and then switch it back on afterwards.

Instructions on how to switch off pop-up blocker if you are using Google chrome

Instructions on how to switch off pop-up blocker if you are using Firefox

Instructions on how to switch off pop-up blocker if you are using Internet Explorer

Instructions on how to switch off pop-up blocker if you are using Safari

Click on the ‘Launch’ button to start the course. You can find the ‘Launch’ button underneath ‘My courses’ on the left hand side.

If you are an adviser, a community worker or similar and have used this course with your clients, we would love to hear your feedback on the course too. Please take 2 minutes to complete our Intermediary feedback survey for E-learning modules.

We would like to thank the Legal Education Foundation for funding this project.

20th June  2015
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