How to get free practical help and emotional support with your civil case

This page explains where and how you may be able to get free practical help to deal with your case if you need to take an issue to a civil court. This includes breach of contract, housing, debt, bankruptcy, community care, personal injury, and where somebody owes you money.

Support Through Court aims to help you represent yourself more confidently in court, by providing practical advice, information and emotional support in civil courts. Support Through Court volunteers can help you fill in forms, organise your papers and your thoughts, and refer you to organisations who can give you legal advice or representation. During the coronavirus crisis the face-to-face services are closed but they have a national helpline staffed by volunteers. The helpline is free, confidential and independent from the court. Call 0300 081 0006 open 9.30-4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

If you have not found a service that can help you see our Help Directory or go back to the Going to civil court section.  

March 2020

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