Top Tips for dealing with problems at work

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable at work or harassing or bullying you, you don't have to just put up with it. Here we look at our top tips for tackling the problem informally, or formally if you need to.
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  • If you are experiencing an ongoing problem like bullying or discrimination, the first thing to do is keep a diary of it. It's important to have a record of what's happening to you and how often.
  • If someone is bullying or harassing you or just making you feel uncomfortable, could you ask them to stop? They may be unaware of the effect of their actions. Focus on how you are feeling, and avoid attacking them personally. Describe their behaviour briefly, then go on to tell them how it has made you feel. If you find it difficult to tell them yourself then perhaps a colleague could help you.
  • Alternatively, speak to your manager or someone in your organisation that you feel comfortable talking to. That might be the person who has responsibility for human resources, a health and safety officer, trade union representatives or your line manager.
  • Whoever you decide to talk to, plan what you are going to say first and write it down. You will need to stick to the point and provide examples. You will need to stay calm and polite so you don’t lose control of the situation. Practice what you are going to say with a friend first.
  • Immediately after you have talked to them, make a note of what was said by both of you, date it and keep it safe.
  • If you decide to make a formal complaint, make sure you are familiar with your employer's complaint procedures.
  • If you are having a meeting with your managers about a complaint you have made or because they have complained about your work or behaviour, you can take a fellow worker or a trade union representative with you to the meeting. This is often a good idea, as it gives you moral support as well as someone to take notes for you about what is said.
  • Don't delay in taking steps to deal with a problem. There's usually a 3 month deadline for making a claim at an employment tribunal.

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 Decenber 2017
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