"I am armed with the knowledge and skills, and developed the confidence to inform clients in despair, and guide them to find alternatives." Training participant

Law for Life’s education and training programmes aim to help people to understand how the law works and to build their skills and confidence to secure the rights and protections that the law provides.

We have a track record in developing innovative and highly interactive legal education and training packages to suit the needs of non-lawyers with a wide range of different learning levels and across an array of common legal problems.

Who are they for?

We can support you or the people that you work with. We work with women’s groups, refugees and migrant groups, health providers, renters groups, youth and student programmes, disability groups and many more.

“Easy to follow and not full of legal jargon. Trainers and facilitators were brilliant.” Training participant 

We have developed approaches to equip community leaders, front line workers and volunteers to act as a first port of call for problems that might have a legal dimension. We cover legal concepts and the sources of rules and regulations, options for seeking legal help and advice, and practical skills to manage cases and support resolution.

We specialise in delivering community based education courses on common legal problems such as housing and homelessness issues, welfare benefits, immigrations issues, employment problems, family and child protection issues and many more.Our training courses are designed for people who haven’t had legal or advice training. We can also help you if you would like to learn how to teach others about their rights and the law.

What do we teach?

"I can advise clients and be confident to lay out next steps for them and help them with these steps if needs be". Training participant 

Rather than focusing on teaching the technical detail of the law, we emphasise developing a general skill set that enables people to prevent and deal with legal issues as they arise. We understand that laws and regulations often change rapidly, so we integrate the learning with our Advicenow legal information service to ensure what you learn stays relevant.

Our training courses can be delivered consecutively in order to improve the broader knowledge, skills and confidence needed to deal with everyday law-related issues or as independent courses addressing a specific legal need or the skills needed to deal with a particular legal problem.