Expanding our housing public legal education

In advance of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, we will be expanding our housing resources to help people understand how to deal with local authorities when they are at risk of homelessness. The curriculum development is supported by the Allen and Overy Foundation and builds on our current package of help with s21 evictions and disrepair.

The main beneficiaries will be people who are unlikely to have any legal training. They might be based in a small/medium sized charity, tenant’s association, food bank or a faith organisation whose service users are seeking help to deal with private rented sector housing problems. The training programme will include the following topics:

•    Dealing with disrepair in privately rented accommodation
•    Dealing with Section 21 evictions
•    Dealing with local authorities when homeless/at risk of becoming homeless (this new training course will include information about the new Homelessness Reduction Act 2017)

We will also update our existing information guides on How to get repairs done at your privately rented home and How to deal with section 21 evictions.

We would like to thank Allan & Overy for enabling us to do this important work!