International work

Through research, consultancy, policy dialogue and capacity building training, Law for Life supports an international network of organisations, practitioners, and activists who are interested in developing and improving their ability to deliver legal education and information to disadvantaged communities.

Our recent international programme work includes projects in China, Macedonia, and a cross-border strategic partnership with civil society organisations in Iceland and France.

European Union Erasmus Plus – Bridging Communities

erasmus-plus-team_crop-for-web-page Meet Erasmus Plus team

Bridging Communities is a two year programme funded by the European Union Erasmus Plus programme. The programme develops a strategic partnership comprising of three civil society organisations: Law for Life (UK), the Icelandic Human Rights Centre and AVIJED, a Paris based NGO.

The programme’s aim is to improve cooperation and the exchange of best practices in the field of adult education through shared information and guidance on how to inform, educate and train intermediaries in diverse law-related fields including: human rights, law and society, civil rights and obligations. There will be an emphasis on gender equality, rights of different minority groups, parental leave, and the roles of public institutions and the welfare system.
Law for Life, The Icelandic Human Rights Centre and AVIJED will ensure best practice, tools and curricula relevant to immigrant communities will be disseminated to all interest groups.

China - EU Access to Justice project

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China - EU Access to Justice project (in collaboration with British Council) was created to assist the Chinese Ministry of Justice in building institutional capacity through the supported design of a national strategic framework for PLE, including capacity building activities, PLE tools and expert consultancy support.

Over the project period Law for Life delivered two workshops in July and November 2014. The first took place in Taiyuan and introduced relevant Legal Aid centre staff from Shanxi and other provinces to the principles and practice of developing and conducting public legal education to priority groups. The second, which took place in Beijing, prepared the ground for the development of the national framework for PLE work being carried out by the Chinese legal aid agencies.

Access to Justice in Macedonia


In the past 6 years Foundation Open Society Macedonia (OSFM) has been involved with the monitoring and evaluation of the legal aid system in the country. Many minority groups experience systemic and serious discrimination and barriers to accessing basic entitlements and securing redress. The Foundation received an EU funded grant to develop their Access to Justice Project which aimed to further expand access to legal aid for minority groups.

Law for Life began to collaborate with OSFM, assisting with training and capacity building for lawyers working with 6 Civil Society Organisations. The training was provided in the field for the lawyers, covering assessment of legal needs for minorities in Macedonia, information and education tools that can be adapted and tailored, as well as outreach practices. This early training has since been expanded to cover more targeted interventions for Roma groups, women experiencing issues with employment and maternity rights, marginalised young people and organisations working on border monitoring and refugee rights.

In the last year OSFM has taken that PLE expertise to support one of 5 PLE programmes to be rolled out across the country, beginning with the work to support women factory workers to understand their employment and maternity rights and how to access the protection they are entitled to.

We are delighted that the partnership is continuing, with further collaboration to help organisations build their capacity and with a focus on policy implementation for PLE as a cornerstone of access to justice.
You can find out more about OSFM here.

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