Call for participants: Housing rights for social prescribing link workers – North West England

Law for Life is delighted to announce a new course on housing rights designed for social prescribing link workers based in the North West region.

This intensive short-course aims to provide social prescribers with the basic knowledge and skills needed to support patients/clients who face housing problems. In particular, it will cover common issues around evictions, poor housing conditions and homelessness (see more details below). 

You do not need any knowledge of housing law to apply.

The course is free of cost but participants must be able to attend all three sessions, as later sessions build upon the knowledge from earlier ones. Participants will also be required to watch a short video (about 30 minutes long) in advance of each session and to complete evaluation surveys. The videos provide basic legal information that is deepened and applied to real case studies during the sessions.

Sessions will take place from 3-5 PM on Zoom on the following dates:

> 2nd June: Dealing with local authorities in the context of homelessness applications 

- duties of local authorities towards people who are homeless and threatened with homelessness

- key steps of the homelessness application process

- addressing common gatekeeping practices

> 9th June: Basics of housing contracts and protection from evictions

- difference between tenancies and other types of housing arrangements

- basic rights of tenants and protection from eviction

-  dealing with section 21 evictions

> 16th June: Dealing with poor housing conditions

- responsibilities of landlords and tenants

- routes for dealing with disrepairs

Apply HERE by the 18th May

You will receive a confirmation email from us by the 26th May if your application is successful. Please note that due to the limited spaces available we may not be able to accommodate everyone, and we will limit participation to up to two people from the same organization or practice.

For more information on the course or if you have a question please contact: