How to do equality PLE

Empower your community with equality know-how, confidence and skills An excellent guide published by Advicenow in September 2010 to help design, deliver and evaluate equality public legal education (PLE) projects. It is for you if:

  • you would like to develop an equality public legal education (PLE) project but you have not done PLE before.
  • you know of people in your local community who might benefit from an equality PLE project and you are searching for inspiration.
  • you already carry out some PLE as part of your job and want to start focusing on equality issues.

Read the guide: How to do equality PLE

Equality PLE

Equality PLE uses the principles of general PLE to work towards aims which have an equality focus, for example, to give people the knowledge, confidence and skills to take action against age discrimination at work or to use public equality duties to increase the participation of disabled people in the local planning process. The guide advises that an equality PLE project should aim to develop people’s legal capability so that they can:

  • Recognise discrimination as a legal issue
  • Identify unlawful discrimination
  • Make good decisions and avoid problems
  • Manage problems better
  • Take action where necessary
  • Find out more and know where to get help
  • Get together with other people to change the situation confronting them.

The guide also has chapters on 'Why carry out equality PLE', 'The equality PLE cycle', 'Identify the focus of your project', 'Plan your project', 'Deliver your project' and finally, 'Monitoring and evaluating your project'.

What did you achieve? Tools for collecting information

Published by Advicenow in November 2010, this guide helps agencies to monitor and evaluate equality PLE projects. It outlines some of the key tools that can be used to collect the information needed to monitor the progress of projects and enables agencies to find out if objectives have been met. Read the guide: What did you achieve? Tools for collecting information

Local equalities PLE projects

As part of the Advicenow's equalities and discrimination awareness-raising project, eleven local advice agencies across England and Scotland ran local equalities PLE projects providing information, education and outreach on discrimination and human rights. We also highlight under this section two of the films made during the project.

The Guide

The guide was delivered by GLE with materials from ASA Advicenow on behalf of the 'Progress towards equality: Reaching out to communites' partnership project.' It includes useful links to get further information and resources and a jargon buster.