Going to court or tribunal without the help of a lawyer

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You might be able to get some help if you are having to go to court or tribunal without the help of a lawyer. Some organisations can give you face to face legal advice, others offer emotional and practical support and/or self-help information. A few organisations can provide all these services. Have a look at the first guide on this page: How to get help if you are representing yourself in a court or tribunal. It explains what services are available and how you can get in contact with the organisations that provide them. 

We also have lots of other helpful information here. The Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau’s 'Going to Court' series of 5 guides show you step-by-step how to take things like claims for compensation or consumer disputes to court. Next you'll see the Advicenow guides to taking different family problems to court. We also have two short films. The first looks at how to represent yourself in family court - although it will be helpful for people representing themselves in other courts or tribunals too. The second explains how to fill in Form E.

We will publish more resources to help with other issues (particularly tribunals) as soon as we can.

Are you willing to talk about your experience?

If you are representing yourself in court or tribunal action and would be willing to speak to a friendly journalist about your experience, how difficult it is, and anything you have found that has helped, please contact us.  You needn't use your real name if you didn't want to. We would always check with you before passing any of your details on to anybody.