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Going to court

If you've got a legal problem, for example, you want to get your deposit back from your landlord, or claim compensation after an accident, you might think about going to court to sort it out.

Before you go any further you need to find out what is involved, understand the steps you have to take and consider if you can solve your problem another way without having to go to court.

This series of guides takes you step-by-step through the issues and options:

Going to court - Are there alternatives? (261 KB)

Going to court - Before you start (291 KB)

Going to court - First steps (253 KB)

Going to court - Starting your claim and the pre-trial process (4.0 MB)

Going to court - Hearings, the trial and appeals (3.0 MB)

These guides were produced by the Advice Services Alliance Advicenow project for the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau with funding from the Cabinet Office, Office for Civil Society Transition Fund 2011.

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