Benefits PLE courses

In this section we give an overview of our benefit training sessions. These courses provide an introduction to some of the key issues in applying for and maintaining benefits. We also work with partners to develop and adapt existing courses to fit the needs of participants.

Benefits and housing

'Excellent - easy to follow and I got a huge amount from the case studies and discussion in the group.'

This training revolves around key benefits and how they relate to housing. The aim of this training is to help participants:

  • Gain a basic overview of key benefits for people with different needs

  • Understand how to best support people who are claiming or about to claim benefits for rent, including dealing with Universal Credit 

  • Be able to find information on a range of issues related to benefits

  • Understand how to challenge decisions about benefits

How to deal with benefit sanctions

This training course looks both at how to avoid benefit sanctions and at how to deal with them when they do happen, including the process for challenging a sanction.

The aim of this training is to help participants:

  • explore what information and evidence are needed to make a claim for benefits,

  • understand the process of appealing a benefit sanction,

  • develop the soft skills needed to engage with the benefits system, and

  • test their knowledge and skills in a role-play exercise involving a client.

Benefits PLE courses in practice

We ran two sessions on how to deal with benefit sanctions for the staff of 'Bridge Mental Health Support', focusing on people with complex needs. Visit Working with us to learn about tailoring a course for your organisation.

How to get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) courses

The aim of this training is to help participants:

  • Understand what is PIP and who is it for

  • Learn how to fill in an application 

  • Learn how to deal with assessments 

  • Understand how to challenge unfavourable decisions (reconsiderations and appeals)

  • Learn about relevant tools and resources for applicants and people who support them