We are the leading edge provider of public legal education and information, having combined practice and research into what works for many years. We are known for our targeted interventions that are user-centred, empowering, and enable early action. We deliver innovative access to justice services that bring together on and offline help to increase our reach, including into the communities who most need it. 

We can help organisations of all sizes by:

  • Developing, planning and delivering public legal education and information initiatives of any kind.
  • Identifying how public legal education initiatives can benefit your work – including providing help with the development of proposals and grant applications.
  • Researching the needs and legal capability of your users, or where interventions are most needed.
  • Evaluating public legal education initiatives, including impact monitoring and reporting.
  • Delivering one of our existing courses to increase the capability of trusted intermediairies or end users to deal with law-related issues.

You can read more about the ways in which we can help you below, or email us at info@lawforlife.org.uk  to discuss your needs.

We try to work flexibly and will do our best to find a way to help, whatever your budget.