Courses about the law

In this section we give an overview of our public legal education programmes focused on general legal know-how.

Making sense of the law

This course is designed to help participants examine the way in which they see the law and to help them understand a number of basic legal concepts such as the distinction between civil law and criminal law and the main elements of a contract.

The aim of this training is to help participants:

  • understand two basic legal concepts, contract and statute,

  • apply the law in particular legal situations,

  • identify accessible and reliable sources of online legal information, and

  • use these resources to find information about specific legal scenarios.

Dealing with law-related problems

This course is designed to help participants develop the skills and confidence to deal with law-related issues through a series of case studies. Participants will take part in problem-solving exercises which develop in complexity as the training progresses.

The aim of this training is to help participants:

  • develop problem-solving skills,

  • explore non-legal aspects of legal issues such as debt, and

  • improve practical skills, such as budgeting and organisational skills, to overcome some of the legal problems.

Supporting litigants in person

‘I feel more confident about myself and I understand how to prepare before going to court.’

This course builds to the skills and knowledge for someone who is coping with legal problems without the help of a lawyer.

Participants will learn about the following:

  • sources of reliable legal information,

  • basic information about courts, and

  • tribunals and alternative dispute resolution routes available for people wanting to enforce their rights and responsibilities.