Litigant in Person Support Strategy– improving access to justice

Since April 2015 Law for Life is delighted to be involved in a new strategic partnership to help people who are facing going to court without the assistance of a lawyer.

About the Strategy

postcard lipsThe Litigant in Person Support Strategy (LIPSS) is led by Law for Life, LawWorks, Personal Support Unit (PSU) and RCJ Advice (with support from the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the Access to Justice Foundation). It involves the pro bono advice sector more widely, as well as others including HMCTS and the judiciary. It is the Support Strategy’s premise, that through collaboration, shared and creative thinking, organisations are stronger and more effective in meeting the needs of the Litigant in Person (LIP).


The Support Strategy’s objective is to create arrangements across England and Wales to:

  • enable LIPs to know what support is available to them;
  • enable LIPs to get practical support and information; and to
  • provide LIPs with a route to some free or affordable legal advice.

The four leading organisations have been funded by the Ministry of Justice to develop specific services to deliver the three part objective above. For example, in relation to enabling LIPs to know what support is available to them, a central website has been created for LIPs – and a campaign raising awareness of help available for LIPs is shortly to be launched. So far as enabling LIPS to get practical support and information is concerned, there are amongst other things E-learning modules, new PSU centres providing emotional support for LIPs in courts and online support with court forms. In providing LIPs with a route to some free or affordable legal advice, there are, for example, new LawWorks Clinics providing free legal advice, the establishment of duty schemes and the encouragement of ‘unbundled’ legal services where the LIP can afford some legal help (e.g. some advice, or some representation at a key hearing) but not a traditional full legal service.

We will continue to update this page with resources and news as the partnership develops.

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Published: 20 October 2015