Be a volunteer panel member - tell us what you think about our new protest guide

Law for Life is running a campaign to support protest rights, and to create clear and accessible information for protestors about the new protest laws. We want to make sure that people who are at greater risk of being discriminated against on a protest, for example, disabled people and people from an ethnic minority background get the information they need.  

Right now, we are producing a new guide called ‘New protest laws – a beginner’s guide’.

It will provide an overview of key changes brought about by the new laws, signpost to more detailed information, explain the kinds of problems people at greater risk of discrimination may experience at a protest, support them to make decisions about taking part, and set out routes to good quality. relevant legal advice and information.

The guide is aimed at:

  • People who may not identify as protesters but have been on the occasional protest, or might consider going on a particular protest.
  • People who regularly go on protests but have little knowledge about the new rules.

They will have heard about new protest laws and want to understand what that means for them, but not be interested in, or may even be intimidated by detailed legal information.

The guide aims to be particularly useful for people in those groups who are at greater risk of discrimination or in precarious situations.

To help make sure the guide as useful as it can be we are looking for volunteers to take part in our guide panel, to review a draft of the guide, and tell us what you think.

How the panel works

If you are willing to be part of the panel we will contact you a draft of the guide by email. We use panels like this one to make sure we are covering everything we ought to, and that the content of the guide is useful and accurate. Different panel members will bring different perspectives and expertise to the panel so we won’t expect everyone to comment on everything.

Don't worry if you can't reply at the time, it's a very flexible arrangement and there will be another opportunity to feedback. If you would prefer to feedback in another way, please get in touch and we can sort out an alternative.

Our approach to producing guides

We have carried out research into the effectiveness of information resources to help people manage legal problems. We believe that resources should include information on the issue itself; a guide to the actions to take; and acknowledge the emotions involved. We follow these better information principles when writing legal information.

View examples of our other guides.

If you would like to be on the panel, please get in touch!

October 2023