New consultation about Roma parents’ experiences with Children’s Services

Law for Life has launched a new consultation, as part of our project Using the law to reduce disadvantage in the child protection process for Roma families and other marginalised groups.

The aim of this consultation is to help Law for Life understand experiences of Roma parents with Children's Services. People who might want to participate include Roma parents, Roma advocates, staff/volunteers based at Roma NGOs or anyone who supports Roma parents through child protection process, such as lawyers. We are happy to arrange a telephone conversation or in-person meetings whenever possible.

The information provided will help us to develop a new information resource about how to work effectively with Children's Services in the context of child protection. We hope this resource will also help Roma organisations and Roma advocates understand social work standards and how to challenge discriminatory practice.

Please help us by filling in this form and share with people and organisations that might want to participate:

For more information, please contact Dada Felja: