Public legal education on housing and homelessness

We are excited to announce the continuation of our public legal education work on housing and homelessness thanks to funding from the Trust for London. This project will build on the findings of our successful Fighting precarious housing programme, which ended in December 2020.

For the next two years we will partner with London - based groups led by and working with women, BAME people and refugees to help them address legal problems around housing and homelessness.

What we will do

Three comprehensive public legal education courses on housing rights

The courses will aim to provide basic legal knowledge on a range of housing and homelesness issues, such as: security of tenure, repairs, evictions, homelesness, duties of local authorities towards homeless applicants and temporary accommodation. We will place careful consideration towards the overlapping forms of discrimination that make specific groups of people more likely to have to deal with poor housing conditions, evictions and homelessness.

Four strategic forums focused on addressing systemic housing problems

The forums will provide opportunities to share effective practices and strategies on specific housing problems identified by the groups we will work with.

New public legal education resources

Alongside the public legal education courses, we will develop new public legal information resources to address the most important information gaps around housing issues. These may be in the form of self-help guides, infographics, top-tip sheets or short films.


If you are from a London - based group helping women, refugees or BAME groups deal with housing problems and you would like to hear more or participate in this programme, please get in touch with us: