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Practical guide to public legal education

Law for Life Annual review 2018-19

Law for Life has published its 2018-19 Annual review.

Law for Life (incorporating Advicenow) submission to the Justice Select Committee inquiry into access to justice impacts of the court and tribunal reforms

Law for Life  Annual review 2017-18

Law for Life has published its 2017-18 Annual review.

LASPO Implementation Review Consultation Response

The Bach Commission on Access to Justice

Law for Life’s CEO Lisa Wintersteiger was pleased to give evidence to Lord Bach's Commission on Access to Justice. You can read more about this and read the full evidence provided to the Commission here.

Law for Life Annual review 2016-17

Law for Life has published its 2016-17 Annual review.

Resource for PLE Trainers: Module 4: Section 21 eviction notices: learning about the process and developing strategies for dealing with private rented housing problems.

LFL Annual review 2015-16

Law for Life has published its 2015-16 Annual review.

How to use a grievance procedure to deal with discrimination and other problems at work

This guide was produced by our Advicenow team to show you how you can deal with problems at work using your work's grievance procedure. A grievance procedure is a written policy, setting out the steps you and your employer should follow to resolve a problem. (2016)

How to win a PIP appeal guide

A guide produce by our Advinow team for everybody who thinks the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) made the wrong decision about their application for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). (2016)

Civil Courts Structure Review interim report Law for Life response

You can read the Law for Life response to the interim report on the civil courts structure review (CCSR) undertaken by LJ Briggs here. (2016)
External link: Civil Courts Structure Review – Interim Report

How do we teach about the law

A reflection on our own methods as a contribution to what may hopefully become a rich discourse on teaching methods in public legal education and a resource for others wishing to teach PLE in their communities. (2016)

Research and Policy Bulletin Issue one

Legal needs Legal capability and the role of Public Legal Education

The report analyses the findings of the 2010 and 2012 UK Civil and Social Justice Panel Survey.

LFL Annual review 2014-15

Law for Life has published its 2014-15 Annual review. (2015)

Producing e-learning modules for high-need groups for use in a community setting - What we learnt

This post draws together the lessons we have learned from producing e-learning modules for high-need disadvantaged groups that we think might apply to similar projects. (2015)

Tenants in the Private Rented Sector

Commissioned by the TDS Charitable Foundation, Law for Life has produced a short report assessing the legal information and training resources available for tenants in the private rented sector. (2015)

Law for Life Community Links Evaluation report

This report summarises findings from evaluation of the public legal education (PLE) delivered by Law for Life as part of the Early Action Advice project led by Community Links.

Module 1: Finding out about the law: where to get information and help.
Module 2: Housing disrepair: assessing courses of action and developing communication skills.
Module 3: Employment and discrimination: developing confidence and getting organised.

Three training resources focusing on the development of legal capability, particularly for those working in community organisations and who do not have prior legal training (intermediaries). (2015)

Meeting the information needs of litigants in person

This report follows the 2011 Civil Justice Council report ‘Access to Justice for Litigants in Person’. (2014)

Law for everyday life: evaluation report (500 kb)

Evaluation report of  Law for Life's education project 'Law for everyday life.' The project ran legal learning courses for users of three advice agencies across London from May to December 2012. (2013)

Public Legal Education Evaluation Framework (600 kb)

The evauation framework provides the resources needed to evaluate public legal education projects, setting out the evaluation goals, measures and research methods needed to assess the impact of PLE. (2011)

Measuring Young People's Legal Capability (1 mb)

A report of an exploratory study on young people’s legal capability carried out with the Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS). The study signifies an important new approach to looking at the need for and delivery of public legal education. 2009

Knowledge, capability and experience of rights problems (800 kb)

Research undertaken by the Legal Services Research Centre into the knowledge and capability of the population of England and Wales in the context of social and civil legal issues. The research was based on interviews with 10,000 randomly selected people and used data taken from the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey. 2010

Developing capable citizens: the role of public legal education

Landmark report from the Public Legal Education and Support (Pleas) Task Force, published in 2007.

Education implications from the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey (250 kb)

This research annexe to the Public Legal Education and Support (PLEAS) Task Force Report details findings from the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey (CSJS). The focus of the report is on survey results that have public legal education implications. (2007)

Better Information Handbook

Detailed guidance from Advicenow on how to produce better more effective information.

PLE principles and guidance

Broad principles and guidance on how to deliver public legal education and information. (2010)

Public Legal Education : Improving lives, empowering communities (141 KB)

A Plenet publication making the case for PLE.


Guest articles:

Legal Empowerment as a path towards social justice and inclusion: the work of Nazdeek by Francesca Feruglio

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