"I am armed with the knowledge and skills, and developed the confidence to inform clients in despair, and guide them to find alternatives." Training participant

Law for Life’s education and training programmes aim to empower individuals to understand and navigate the law effectively. We have a track record of developing innovative and interactive legal education packages tailored to non-lawyers of various learning levels, addressing common legal problems. 

Who are they for?

Our programmes serve women's groups, refugees and migrants, healthcare providers, renters' groups, youth and student organisations, disability groups, and more. We specialise in community-based courses on housing, welfare benefits, immigration, employment, family and child protection, and other legal issues. 

“Easy to follow and not full of legal jargon. Trainers and facilitators were brilliant.” Training participant 

What do we teach?

"I can advise clients and be confident to lay out next steps for them and help them with these steps if needs be". Training participant 

Our training is designed for those without legal or advisory experience, and we also offer support for teaching others about rights and the law. Instead of focusing on technical legal details, we emphasise developing a practical skill set that enables individuals to prevent and handle legal issues. We understand that laws and regulations often change rapidly, so we integrate the learning with our Advicenow legal information service to ensure what you learn stays relevant.

See below for the different courses and workshops we currently offer, or contact us directly if you are interested in a bespoke workshop.