Breaking news - use of our Mandatory Reconsideration tools more than doubles your chances of success

We are still crunching the numbers and writing the full report - but  wanted to share these findings from our latest research with you now. 

According to our research:

  • Of survey respondents who had reached an outcome after using our resources, 52% had their original decision changed in their favour at the mandatory reconsideration stage. This is considerably higher than the national average which was 23% for this time frame - this includes those who had the help of an adviser. 
  • 38% had to go to appeal before the decision was changed.
  • 90% of  users of our tool and/or appeal guide succeeded in getting the decision about the PIP or DLA changed in their favour at either the reconsideration or appeal stage (some of the remaining 10% gave up before the appeal).

Furthermore, the mandatory reconsiderations tools  and appeal guides encouraged people to challenge the PIP or DLA decision.

  • 22% of users surveyed said they wouldn't have requested an MR or appeal without the tool/guide
  • 17% said they might have done so, but would have put it off and  might not have got round to it, and
  • 56% said they would have done so but wouldn't have put their case so well.

Those we Interviewed as part of the research reported that using the tools and guides had resulted in both positive financial outcomes and longer award periods.

Interviewees also reported that the process of applying for PIP or DLA and going through the mandatory reconsideration process had a negative impact on their physical and mental health, which was eased by using the Advicenow guides and tools, whose clarity and structure restored their confidence in challenging their original benefit decision. 

We will publish our full findings as soon as we can.

Whilst this research only focussed on our PIP and DLA mandatory reconsideration tools and guides, and not those to challenge work capability decisions as they were only recently made available, we have every reason to believe the impacts of those tools and guides will be very similar. We will explore further as soon as we have the funds to do so. 

June 2023