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We can help any organisation to develop or improve the effectiveness of its public legal education and information work. Our team brings together the best possible blend of knowledge, experience, and understanding of public legal education and information to help you develop your own work in whatever ways best suit your needs.

How we can help you to improve your information

Our information team are widely recognised as the experts in translating the law into accessible and engaging information, that centres around the needs of users. Our team is behind the very successful Advicenow website, known for its high quality resources and effective working practices. We are extremely experienced producers of information of all kinds (from long step-by-step guides, to postcards, short magazine articles, films, e-learning modules, and interactive tools), both for Advicenow and for other organisations. Front cover of Better information HandbookOur team also produced the Better Information Handbook (1 MB) - the only resource aimed to meet the needs of providers of law-related information and to raise the quality of information available to the public. The Better Information Handbook is used internationally and has been adapted for use in Canada, Australia, and China. The team are available to help any organisation improve their law-related information to the public. We can help your organisation by either producing high quality materials that meet your users’ needs for you, or by building the capacity to produce brilliant information within your own staff team.

Producing your information for you

We can manage the production of a resource for you from concept to evaluation, or take on separate stages of the production process as required. We have often been approached by organisations who have a first draft but can’t see how to make sure it meets the needs of their users themselves, or simply don’t have the staff resources. Everything we produce will adhere to our Better Information guidelines, and we are happy to adapt our style and messaging to the approach you want to take.

Working to build the capacity within your staff team

We offer a number of different ways of building the skills available within your team. We are very flexible and adapt our approach to the needs of each organisation. We can provide:

  • An information audit - we examine one piece or a range of your information and provide tailored advice on how to improve its effectiveness.
  • Bespoke Information Design Guides that show your team how to produce effective information for your organisation using our tested process and methods. These include easy-to-follow guidance and practical tools for planning and evaluation.
  • In-house training. We can provide a training group-trainingcourse, tailored to the needs of your organisation, which enables your staff to create effective information for your audience. This course is typically is delivered in 1 day for up to 12 members of staff at a time, and is very well received.
  • Mentoring for your information staff. This enables us to provide the expert help and support your staff most need, when they most need it, and to ‘bed in’ more useful procedures into your working practice. Our flexible mentoring service can be purchased in 14 hour blocks and used at any point within the year.

For most organisations we have worked with, a mixture of the above options works best and enables improvements to be long-lasting.

"Law for Life were able to provide excellent drafting, design and related expertise which helped to align a number of our public facing materials with the needs of consumers. The feedback they provided on the completed materials via consumer feedback panels was invaluable in ensuring the project had met its stated aims. The training Law for Life provided to our staff was impressive, well run and tailored to the needs of our organisation. It has ensured that the techniques that were used by Law for Life are replicated in our self-produced materials and embedded within our workforce for the foreseeable future." Alex Williams, Bar Standards Board

How we can help you with your education work

We have extensive experience of developing initiatives in many different settings and to reach different audiences, both in the UK and internationally. We can work with you to create, plan, implement or evaluate all kinds of initiatives with energy and creativity. We can help you to:

  • Develop, plan and deliver public legal education initiatives of any kind
  • Identify how PLE can benefit your work – including providing help with the development of proposals and grant applications
  • Commission research into user needs
  • Evaluate delivering public legal education initiatives, including impact monitoring and reporting
  • Deliver one of our existing courses to increase capability to deal with law-related issues. See Our training services for more detail

Whatever you need help with, we can work with you to find the best ways forward.

"Working with Law for Life was a real pleasure. At each stage of the project we delivered together, Law for Life were very professional, excellent in communication, prompt in responding to questions and queries. Dada made sure all the project aims and deadlines were met at the same time making sure that our organisational capacity was considered. She made sure that our service users were consulted and involved in every stage of the process. We will be very happy to work with Law for Life on future projects".

We have worked with:

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What it will cost?

We offer up to a half day of consultancy on any PLE free free of charge and with no strings attached. After that we find it best to offer support based on what the initial consultancy, and our discussions bring to light. We try to be as flexible as possible about pricing, particularly for smaller organisations and startups.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, get in touch with us at and we will call you back.