Evaluation of the Regional Courses on Housing Rights for Trusted Intermediaries

Over the past few years, Law for Life has developed public legal education courses for trusted intermediaries (who are usually frontline workers or trusted local community members) who help people in precarious housing situations. These courses addressed issues faced by people who are renting from private landlords and who may be vulnerable to eviction or poor housing conditions. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, these courses have been delivered online. Funding from the Ministry of Justice has supported a pilot of regional courses.

The courses provided an opportunity to measure participants’ changes in legal capability, both in terms of knowledge about housing and homelessness law and in their confidence to help people with housing issues. Changes in legal capability were measured through a combination in pre and post course assessments of legal capability through online surveys. Overall, the courses achieved substantial changes in the knowledge and confidence of participants to assist people with housing issues.

We have now published a full evaluation report. Read our article on the key findings.