The videos on this page are accurate as of 05/07/2022 but it is always worth checking with a trusted resource that the information you receive is up to date as legal issues can change very rapidly. 

On this page you can find Law for Life's educational videos. We currently have videos on housing rights, judicial review, and child protection for Roma advocates. You can find all these videos and more on our youtube channel.

While these videos are often used as part of our training programmes they are also excellent stand-alone resources for those struggling with legal issues.

Law for Life recently ran an online training programme on Housing rights for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. The aim of the programme was to enable staff and volunteers with no legal or housing experience to be better able to support their clients, service users, and friends to deal with common housing issues. The videos below made-up part of that programme, and we share them here as they are brilliantly helpful in explaining the issues involved and what steps to take. The programme was delivered for those supporting Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities with their housing issues but the videos and the law they refer to apply to everyone. Each of the videos focuses on a different aspect of housing law and uses a Q&A format with a housing legal specialist. 

Another area of our work focuses on Roma communities and other groups that may face multiple challenges when going through the child protection process or care proceedings. As a result of the Covid pandemic we have updated our training on this subject, first delivered in 2018, so that it can be delivered online. The video on child protection below is used in this training for Roma advocates but it can be useful to anyone going through the child protection process.

Tenancies and other housing arrangements

This video is about the types of housing agreements that exist (concentrating on tenancies and licenses) and the different set of legal rights you have in relation to where you live or stay.

Dealing with Section 21 Evictions

This video looks at section 21 evictions.

It explores: what is a section 21 eviction, what happens if you receive one and what rights do you have, as well as how to challenge this type of eviction and the pros and cons of doing so.

How to fix problems in your privately rented home

This video covers issues around dealing with disrepair and poor housing conditions, such as damp walls, broken windows, and leaky roofs. It looks at:

  • what repairs are the landlords responsibility to do and which are the tenants responsibility
  • strategies and challenges in resolving issues of poor quality housing.

Dealing with local authorities in the context of homelessness

This video explores how to deal with local authorities in the context of homelessness.

You will learn about your rights when asking the council for assistance and strategies for navigating gatekeeping practices.

Living in temporary accommodation

This video looks at how to cope with life in temporary and emergency accommodation. We will look at what you need to consider when deciding whether or not to accept an offer of temporary accommodation and how to challenge an unsuitable offer.

Using Judicial Reviews for Housing Problems

This video provides a non technical overview of judicial reviews for community groups, advisors, support workers and anyone without legal training. The video relates specifically to the context of homelessness and temporary accommodation and builds on our prior videos on these topics.

Housing rights and benefits

This video looks at how to seek financial support, particularly to pay for your rent during Covid-19. For many people this involves applying to Universal Credit for the first time or managing the existing claim in light of the current restrictions and new challenges that have emerged with the current crisis. For a small number of people instead support would come by Local Councils through the Housing Benefit.

An introduction to child protection for Roma advocates

This video is a short introduction to child protection, and it accompanies our digital training on this topic. Its aim is to help Roma champions and advocates who support Roma families to gain a better understanding of the child protection process. You can find a more detailed outline of the legal framework of child protection in our Child protection guide for Roma parents and our short film Keeping our children safe which are available on Advicenow. Resources: Advicenow help for Roma parents,   Advicenow guide to child protection for Roma parents,  Advicenow film for Roma parents 'Keeping our children safe',  Advicenow’s guide called “Court and tribunal hearings and Coronavirus”

How to apply for social housing

This video provides an overview on how to apply for social housing, that is low-cost rented housing provided by housing associations or councils. The video is organized in 4 parts: Understanding the housing allocation scheme; Applying for council housing; Navigating the bidding system; Challenging councils’ decisions.