Getting affordable advice from a family solicitor via Advicenow

We have teamed up with Resolution to provide a panel of family law solicitors that can help our users at the most important points of their family case for a reduced, fixed fee.
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We know that many Advicenow users can’t afford to pay a solicitor to help them with their case, or that they need to do as much as possible themselves to save money. But there are times, particularly if you are dealing with something difficult but incredibly important like finances after divorce or arrangements for your children, when it is really useful to get a bit of expert help from a family lawyer. 

Affordable advice service roundelTo help, we have teamed up with Resolution to provide a panel of family law solicitors that can help at the most important points of the process for a fixed fee. We are clear about what areas of the case they can advise you on and how much their help will cost  - so that our users can be certain they can afford it. Moreover, we have designed a process to make getting this help as cheap as possible, by making sure that the solicitor’s time is used as efficiently as possible. 

We are testing out this service to see how it works. For now, it is only available for users of:

If you had purchased one of these guides before the project began, check your email - we have sent you a link to download the new updated guide for free.

How it works

As you go through any of the guides named above, you will see various points where we suggest you get some legal advice if you can possibly afford it. We only do this when we think it will be really useful.

We set out clearly what the solicitor can advise you on and how much it will cost you. There are no hidden extras. 

In order to get all the advice described for the low price we offer, you will use the solicitor’s time as effectively as possible by:

1. Ensuring you have read the relevant sections of the guide, so that you understand the process, where you are in it, and any particular questions you might have. 

2. Completing a form we send you as fully as possible and sending it to your chosen solicitor two working days before your appointment. This will tell the solicitor everything they need to know about your case in order to give you their advice in the appointment time.

You can choose whether you have an appointment over the phone, by videoconference, or face to face. And after your appointment you will get a written summary of the advice you have been given and you continue managing your own case. 

All of the solicitors on our panel are members of Resolution. Resolution members are family lawyers committed to helping people resolve their family disputes constructively and in a way that considers the needs of the whole family, and in particular the best interests of  your children. 

We have devised this offer in the hope that it will take some of the worry and stress out of the process for you, and enable you to get a better, fairer outcome. 

If you don’t want to or can't afford to use the service, you don’t have to. Our guides will continue to be as extraordinarily helpful as they always were. 

If you have used this service and are not satisifed with any aspect, please see Complaints about the service you received from one of our panel of family solicitors.

We aren’t making money from this partnership now, but if it is successful we will start to charge solicitors a fee to be on our panel from late Spring 2020. We are emphatic that the needs of our users will always be our first priority, in this and every other aspect of our service. See Our ethical trading compass for more details. 

We are testing if this approach works, so please let us know what you think. If you use the service, you will be contacted to ask how it worked for you so that we can learn and improve. 

November 2019

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