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When looking for legal information online, it's important to choose carefully what you use. Some online resources are accurate and reliable, while others may be inaccurate and misleading.

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If you want to know more about going to a family court, don't wade through endless internet pages. Our 'Top Picks' service provides handpicked links to the best information available on the web. Just click on each link below to have a look at the selection of top picks we've put together to help you if you are representing yourself in court.

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  • Dispute resolution and arbitration - information about ways you can solve disputes without going to court. Includes mediation.
  • Separation, divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships - Legal issues when your relationship ends, whether you are married, registered as civil partners, or not.
  • Financial provision - Includes financial arrangements when a relationship breaks down.
  • Child residence - ncludes information about the rules relating to whom a child will live with.
  • Parental responsibility - Your right to have a say in the way your child is brought up. Includes decisions about where they live, choosing schools, medical treatment, and their religion. Parental responsibility can be held by a person other than a parent of the child and is not automatically granted to unmarried fathers.
  • Access to justice - how you can take legal action, and what help you can get, for example with the cost.
  • Courts and tribunals - background information on the different courts and tribunals including the Family Court.
  • Legal aid and advice - information about the help you can get with legal costs.
  • Legal procedure - information about all aspects of taking a case to court.
  • Lawyers - information about the various types of lawyers in England and Wales. Includes barristers and solicitors.

You may also find information to help you on our Going to Court page. 

November 2016

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