How to avoid or deal with Benefit Sanctions

We recently published our second free e-learning course - How to avoid or deal with Benefit Sanctions.

This interactive course aims to help users avoid being unnecessarily sanctioned and to help work out what to do if it does happen.

We have designed the course for community workers and others to use with groups to help build their knowledge, confidence, and skills, and people to use by themselves to improve their own ability to deal effectively with benefit sanctions. We are also aware that intermediaries and others working with claimants are finding it helpful too. The course takes most people about 30 minutes, depending on how familiar you are with the ideas and how quickly you like to work.

'This really opened my eyes. I didn't know most of these things. I didn't know that I had any rights, especially about appealing wrong decisions.' – user feedback

If you have any contacts that you think it would help, we’d be grateful if you helped spread the word!