Work Capability Assessment Tribunal Submission Tool

Welcome to our WCA Tribunal Submission Tool. This tool has been designed to be used by benefits advisers and volunteers as well as individuals appealing their own work capability assessment decision.

We hope it will make it easier for you to explain to the Tribunal why the decision the DWP made about the claim for Employment and Support Allowance or the limited capability for work element of Universal Credit claim was wrong. Use this tool after the appeal has been asked for and you have received the big appeal bundle.

We know that the DWP make unfair decisions very frequently, and we want to help you to challenge them and get the ESA and Universal Credit the person the appeal is about is entitled to. We also want to help reduce the stress the hearing can cause.

See How to win a Work Capability Assessment appeal for more information.

If you are an adviser or volunteer you may want to create a separate account for each client.

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This tool was created in partnership with University House - Legal Advice Centre, and funded and supported by the Department for Business, Employment and Industrial Strategy and the Solicitors Regulation Authority