Affordable advice to help with family problems

We know that many people can’t afford to pay a solicitor, or need to do as much as possible themselves to save money. But there are times when you are sorting out really complicated and important issues, like the money after the divorce or issues about your children, when it is really useful to get a bit of expert help from a family solicitor. 

To help with this, we have teamed up with Resolution to provide a panel of family solicitors that can help you at just the most tricky or important points of the guides below for a low-cost, fixed fee. You will see up front exactly what they can advise you on and how much their help will cost you – so that you can be certain you can afford it. 

For now, this help is only available for users of our the family guides below. For all our help with family issues see Help to deal with family problems.

If you don’t want to can't afford to use this service, you don’t have to. These guides will still be extraordinarily helpful.