Financial order

Reviewing a Draft Consent Order

for just £240

Get expert advice on:

  • What the draft consent order you have received means.
  • Why a consent order is important in your case.
  • What other documents need to be completed and the procedure for getting them ready.
  • What happens once everything is agreed between you and your ex.

Please be aware - the solicitor will not be able to tell you if you should accept the settlement set out in the consent order. This is because they would need to see all your and your ex’s financial paperwork first to do this. If this is what you would like the solicitor to do, talk to them about the cost of this work.   

Prices include VAT

We have kept the cost of advice through this service as low as possible.    If you were to see one of our panel members outside of this service you would pay on average £295 per hour (including VAT). So an appointment like this would cost you on average £590.

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