Divorce and separation

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If you are facing a separation or divorce, we have all the help you need. The award-winning guides below explain everything you need to understand and do to separate or get divorced, agree arrangements about the children, and sort out your property and money.

Our advice will help you work out what to do and what to expect, reduce the stress on both of you, save you money, and help you get to a better place, sooner. We'll show you how to agree what you can agree, and (if neccessary) how to go to court about the things you can't. We'll also show you how to do it without a lawyer if you can't afford one, and how to make everything easier  by getting just a little legal advice if you can.

If you are just starting to separate or think about divorce or arrangements about the children, have a look at resources at the top of the page. If you are a little bit further into the process, look a little further down. 

Can you help us?

We are updating and improving our guide to using family mediation - why, what to expect, how to get the most of it - and are looking for people to test it with, to see if we could make it even more helpful. If you can help, email guides@lawforlife.org.uk.