Pensions on Divorce - what should you do? (short film)

Many couples leave their pensions out when they decide how to divide their money and property as part of a divorce – and this can be a huge mistake. Sometimes people feel that because the pension is only in the name of the person who built it up, to share it would be ‘unfair’. But it is more often unfair not to share it. Watch this short film to see why you need to include your pensions when you divide money and property as part of a divorce, and what steps you should take. Could you help us make our guide to pensions better? If you are divorcing and going to use our guide please help us by giving feedback on how it could be improved. Get in touch via
Pensions on divorce - a helpful film

For more detailed guidance be sure to look at A survival guide to pensions on divorce in our Help with family problems section.

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