Work Capability Assessment Mandatory Reconsideration Tool

Welcome to our tool that makes it easier to challenge a decision about your claim for Employment Support Allowance or the limited capability for work element of your Universal Credit claim. We know that the DWP makes unfair decisions very frequently, and we want to help you to get the level of benefit you are entitled to.

According to research, using our mandatory reconsideration tools more than doubles your chances of getting the decision changed at the mandatory reconsideration stage.

Most claimants have to ask for a reconsideration before you can appeal. If you don’t need to, this tool will explain that.

You should ask for a mandatory reconsideration within 1 calendar month of the date on the decision letter. If this time limit has passed, ask anyway as long as it is within 13 months. Just enter your explanation for the delay below.

See our guide that shows you how to win a Work Capability Assessment appeal for more information.

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